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Bishop Bo Giertz's well-recognized novel “The Hammer of God” consists of three parts. The first part takes place in the 1810s and this part has already been filmed as the feature movie “The Hammer of God”. Part two takes place in the 1870’s and the third part takes place later and in the 1940’s.

There have been requests from various sources to make a featured movie also of Part Two and Three. As a first step to make this come true, Anders Wällhed has written a very nice screenplay and some key scenes from this screenplay has been filmed to serve as a promotional film. From this promotional film, we hope to gain an interest that results in a raise of funding’s so we can merge part two and part three into a production of a new featured movie, with the tentative title “The Hammer of God part two”.

In this movie, we will meet Anders Torvik, a man who in several scenes is thinking back in time on his childhood as he browses through the photos in the old albums, made by his father. Who was Baron Schenstedt and Agnes and why are they appearing in his father's album, he asks himself, as he looks at the photos? By visualized flashbacks in his minds, we will then meet Pastor Fridfeldt in an intense scene, based on events in part two of the novel. From several scenes, we will learn to know Reverend Torvik - a person that Anders Torvik believes to be his father. But is it really so? Other Swedish actors appearing in the promotional film are Fredrik Dolk, Gunilla Poppe, Josefine Sebring and several others very talented amateur actors

The purpose of the key scenes in the promotional film is to raise a curiosity and a wish to learn more about these characters from an entire film of part two and three. The scenes reflect the eternal questions of guilt and reconciliation, regret and the possibility of receiving forgiveness. Bishop Bo Giertz's novel “The Hammer of God” still raises thoughts and reflections on the, above mentioned, central issues together with other important topics. Can we learn from our experiences from the past? Although the scenes take place in earlier time periods and environments, different from our own modern society, the questions that are raised in the film will remain eternal. “The Hammer of God part two” can become a reality and will help the viewers to reflect on these important topics but only if enough financial support can be raised.

The promotional film is available in both English and Swedish languages.

If you would like the featured film *The Hammer of God part two* to become a reality, then please donate. We are grateful for all donations - big or small. If the film does not make it to production, the donations will be refunded or given to a closely related project,for example, to fund a new publication of one of Bishop Bo Giertz's books.